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“The Buzz about Pollinators”
Presenter: Cynthia Reiners
Wednesday, Feb 3, 2016,  1-3 PM
ORCC – Auditorium – 2nd floor,Free event, No RSVP, Bring a Friend

One of every three bites of human food is animal pollinated, mostly by bees, which also pollinate a diverse range of fruits and seeds important for our food chain. Disturbing news about the plight of pollinators worldwide has been increasing in recent years. Honey bee colony collapse disorder and drastically falling numbers of monarch butterflies are the most prominent indicators of environmental distress. Habitat loss; pesticide use; modern mono-crop agribusiness; and parasites and their diseases are among the many factors threatening pollinators. Lecture topics include pollination, the natural history of several pollinators and their interesting interactions with plants and current hypotheses regarding the reasons for declines. Unlike many daunting issues we face, this is something we as individuals can directly and importantly affect.
About our speaker:

Cynthia Reiners formally began her second career by earning a B.S. in Biology/ Botany from Metro State College and the Certificate in Rocky Mountain Horticulture from the Denver Botanic Gardens, where she also volunteered in the propagation department. During a 6-year relocation to Tucson AZ, she was a docent at both the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and the Tucson Botanic Gardens, and an active member of the Native Plant Society, developing her knowledge and skills as a volunteer naturalist. She designed her Tucson backyard garden which became the source of most of her photos and observations, and the basis for her lectures to general interest, gardening and school groups. Her Denver garden contains a large xeriscape area including many short grass prairie plants rescued from developed in Highlands Ranch. Since returning home, Cynthia continues to revise the landscape to improve water conservation and support more pollinators.

On-site registration will also be available at this event.
Event will take place at The Academy for Lifelong Learning 8081 E Orchard Road., Greenwood Village, CO 80110
To learn more, visit us at or call (303) 770-0786

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