Cookie Week Fall 17


Academy Cookie Week is OCT 3, 4, 5Cookies

Simply bring a dozen cookies (or other snack of your choice) on a disposable plate or tray to share at coffee breaks.
Homemade is always appreciated but store bought is great as well.
Feel free to place your cookies/snacks on the table near the back of Fellowship Hall) when you arrive or at your convenience.

And of course, enjoy a treat yourself before or after class!

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Where’s My Classroom?


When school starts, where do you go to find your class? Right Here!

Days Courses Meet Fall 2017-sorted by day of Week

Click here for your Facility Map 

Click here for your DRIVING DIRECTIONS!

Welcome to Your First Day(s) of Classes at the Academy

Our classes are 1.5 hours long with a very short stretch break (think 5 minutes), but please calendar yourself to stay for two hours! This will allow you to get coffee, talk to classmates, find a good seat.

You’ll want to take a map from our Welcome Desk or find a volunteer greeter (a real, live person!) to find your way to your classroom.

Stop for some coffee, tea or iced water. It’s in the Fellowship Hall. Check out our Fireplace Room,  adjacent to the Fellowship Hall, feel free to eat your lunch, read the paper or have coffee there.

Restrooms are located near the Koinonia Room, and near the main Academy/church entrance,

Once you get to your classroom, please check your name on the attendance sheet.

Nametags will be in the classroom where your first course is held. If you have to miss your first class, the next time you’re on site, ask to see the big wooden box for nametags, which is alphabetized and self-serve.

Introduce yourself to the others in your class who love lifelong learning, too!


Do’s and Don’ts

DO Plan to come early or stay late to say hello to members and staff. There’s a half-hour between classes to get more coffee and see friends.

DO Feel free to bring your own lunch or a snack, we have lots of spaces to catch up with friends. We also have a guide to local restaurants in the area if you have time between classes.  Ask the staff, too!

READ our weekly-ish emails. We try to put in some fun events during class weeks. If the weather is bad, check your email before you come.

DON’T bug the folks in the church office. We like them and they like us. We’d like to keep it that way. Find Academy staff or a volunteer!

Bad weather? We update our Website, phone and even 9 News by 7 am. Your safety comes first always. Use your own discretion on whether to venture out.

Emergency? We hope not. But just in case, tell anyone. Or call 911. Look for exits as you find your classroom.


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