2-Jenny-JamesHow does a Realtor leap from writing leases and selling properties to writing music and selling songs? For Jenny James, the catalyst was taking The Academy’s two Writing Music workshops with composer Conrad Kehn—“a genius who’s extraordinary at inspiring people to discover their talents,” she says. Of course, to sell a song, it didn’t hurt that Jenny already had mega-promotional skills that helped open doors in the entertainment world.

In the lead-up to the NFL playoffs, Jenny’s song “Denver Broncos: The Sheriff’s Back in Town” aired on several local TV stations, after she posted it on YouTube. One station prefaced her song with an interview, lengthening the entire segment to about five minutes. You can listen to the song by searching online. It’s also available on iTunes.

“I couldn’t have done the Broncos song if I hadn’t composed my ‘Austria Switzerland’ song in Conrad’s second workshop,” she claims, “and I couldn’t have composed that song if I hadn’t composed my first song in his first workshop.”

Though not required for either workshop, Jenny learned how to use a music-compostion software program, thanks to Conrad’s help and patience. With the Broncos’ playoff win inspiring her, she is now determined to enhance her newest song with both a professional musical notation program and a complementary video, so she can promote this more sophisticated version to local stations that haven’t yet aired it, as well as national early-morning talk shows such as “Good Morning America.”

Mirroring Peyton Manning’s “phenomenally inspiring, unstoppable spirit in facing challenges,” she is also determined to master many more skills than song-writing. During The Academy’s spring term, Jenny is taking her first bridge course ever, plus Drawing (an extension, for her, of an earlier Denver Art Museum class) and Writing Your Life Stories. In Life Stories, she hopes to greatly improve a self-published story written for her grandson and mother-in-law, “Secrets of a Super Hero.”

As a song writer, a storyteller and simply a joyous lifelong learner, Jenny is adamant that “The Academy has changed my life!”