Academy’s New President: A Learning Junkie

A career public school teacher, Sherma Erholm brings three especially critical skills and interests to her new job as Academy board president–

  • professional communication expertise
  • several years’ experience facilitating an impressive variety of Academy courses
  • all the hallmarks of an ideal Academy learner—or, as she describes herself, a “learning junkie.”

Academy President, BoardThough Sherma holds a bachelor’s degree in speech and music, and a master’s in communication theory and psychology, only one of her many Academy courses has focused squarely on her academic training—Bombarded with Persuasion: Are You the Next Target?

At the Academy and elsewhere, she jumps at the chance to explore topics outside her formal fields of study. Her desire to understand and share the evolution of Middle Eastern political and cultural complexities motivated her to offer classes on The Persian Puzzle and Egypt Since World War II. Similarly, her passion for examining life’s great unsolved questions resulted in the course Science & Religion: Enemies, Strangers or Partners?

Adult courses she has facilitated for other organizations have examined futurism, China, evolution and the UN, among other topics.