China/US Experts star in “China Rising”

2-Chinese-DragonWhere is China headed? A highly impressive array of experts in the China Rising course will help illuminate the complex issues at stake. Among the nationally recognized guest speakers will be:

  • Dr. Suisheng Zhao, DU, on foreign relations
  • CEO Karen Gerwitz, World Trade Center/Denver, on trade
  • Dr. Stephen Thomas, UCD, on Chinese development
  • Dr. Douglas Allen, DU, on economics.

Historically, the United States and China have been allies, outright enemies, or cautious partners.  What will relations look like in the future?  As our nations evolve from their schizophrenic “friend/foe” relationship, it is important for citizens on both sides of the Pacific to learn more about each other in order to share our countries’ assets peacefully and benefit from mutual respect. To this end, we will examine the domestic as well as foreign policies of this big, bold and busy player in international affairs.