David Marsh

David Marsh has spent the last decade exploring America along Highway 50. In the style of Charles Kuralt, he has driven every mile of the highway, talked with many “locals” along the route, visited key
museums and sites, and read local newspapers. He brings stories, photos, reflections, and a decade of experiences to share.  David was a high school history teacher before serving as a professor of
education and associate dean in the School of Education at the University of Southern California.  Then, he retired, moved to Denver, and now has time for travel, gardening, and the joys of this wonderful city.  He has taught this course multiple times in the Los Angeles region, and led a study tour of highway 50 to Washington, DC.  David has traveled to over 90 countries and lived in India for a year—travel is truly important to him as a way of understanding a country and our lives together.