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LOCATION: Calvary Baptist Church, 6500 E. Girard Ave., Denver, CO 80224 Map
TYPE: Lecture,Q&A



2017 marks the centenary of the Russian Revolutions of 1917. These revolutions irrevocably changed Russia. Imperial Russia—with an increasingly democratic political structure, a thriving civil society and a burgeoning economy– metamorphosed into the Soviet Union with neither characteristic.

The course examines the causes and results of the revolutions of February/March 1917 and October/November 1917.

The course is basically lecture as this is the area of research and publication of Mary Schaeffer Conroy, Emeritus Professor, University of Colorado Denver. She is the author of Petr Arkadevich Stolypin: Practical Politics in Late Imperial Russia (1977) and Editor of Emerging Democracy in Late Imperial Russia (1998). Professor Thomas Porter may be able to give a guest lecture. His book on Prince George L’vov is slated to appear this fall. Stolypin was Minister of Internal Affairs in the government of Tsar Nicholas I from 1906 until his assassination in 1911. The MVD handled peasant matters, nationalities, appointed governors of Russia’s 50 provinces., certified all doctors, pharmacists and other health personnel—and drafted laws for these professionals, and also was in charge of the regular and political police. Stolypin was chair of the Council of Ministers—a quasi -Prime Minister. Price George L’vov was head of the Union of zemstvos and cities in World War I. He would become head of the first iteration of the Provisional Government, following the revolution of February/March 1917.

Session 1: October 18–How Things Were: This lecture examines the political structure and economy of Russia before WWI

Session 2: October 25 — World War I: Was this the cause of the Revolution of February March 1917 that toppled Nicholas I and the Romanov Dynasty?

Session 3: Nov 1 The February-March Revolution: Actors, Ideologies, Developments

Session 4: 8 November – The October/November Revolution Engineers, ideologies

Session 5: 15 Nov– Results of the October/November Revolution


REQUIRED READING: The course leader has a few extra copies of these books that she can loan the first day of class. Mary Schaeffer Conroy, Emerging Democracy in Late Imperial Russia. University Press of Colorado, 1998. Geoffrey Swain, The Origins of the Russian Civil War (Origins of Modern Wars). Routledge, 1995. Porter, Thomas: Prince George E. Lvov : The Zemstvos, Liberalism, and Civil Society in Late Imperial Russia