CU Scientists Star at the Academy

2-Darin-TooheyOne of the most exciting developments in the Academy’s last ten years has been the series CU Science: At the Cutting Edge. Researchers from the science faculty at CU-Boulder, Colorado’s flagship university, have shared their latest discoveries and expertise in areas as diverse as–

  • climate-changing rocket experiments
  • galaxy formation
  • major advances in infertility options
  • fracking’s environmental footprint
  • the millions of bacterial communities thriving inside every human (there IS good news . . . )

CU physicists, chemists, biologists, geologists and other scientists (including Prof. Darin Toohey, pictured here) translate their extensive knowledge into polished multi-media presentations guaranteed to mesmerize and enlighten any eager learner, regardless of his or her educational background.

These veteran professors also clearly relish the mind-stretching Q&A sessions the Academy is known for, often lingering long after each class is over to accommodate every participant’s special inquiries. (To learn more: see the special blog on Prof. Darin Toohey’s thanks for Academy-triggered improvements in his worldwide webcast.)

Collaborating with CU staff, Academy board member Donna Barrow designs and coordinates these series, ensuring a fascinating array of topics each time they are offered. Stay tuned for details on the next series, planned for as early as spring 2014.