We’re Listening & We Didn’t Make This Up

Evaluations and Comments:

If you’re finishing up a course at The Academy and have any feedback for your course leaders, board of directors or staff, we would love to hear it!

Here is something you can print and send or bring in. Course Evaluation Forms 2018

EASIEST: Or, click on this link, fill out the electronic form and be done! Academy Evaluation Spring 2018


Here’s just some of what we’ve heard so far:

“Macbeth: I especially liked the comparison with Hamlet such as the global effect and the internal effect of power.  Paul Turelli was able to communicate big themes and relate them to current day.  The Tempest is greatly anticipated!”  

“Jazz of the 50s: The Singers:  Lorenz Rychner continues to be an awesome presenter – personally, and with stellar command of video, etc.”

“I have been taking Bob Contiguglia’s class on SPORTS IN SOCIETY. Bob is an exceptional lecturer with such an immense knowledge of the world of sports. Please let him know how much I enjoyed his class.”

“The Hamilton course gave me a leg up on the DCPA performance. I could enjoy the lyrics because I already knew the history!”

Thanks everyone and please keep it coming (we like gentle critiques, too!)

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