Twelve years ago, the Colorado Academy for Lifelong Learning joined several nonprofit organizations offering Printnon-credit adult learning opportunities in Denver. However, the Academy is unique among such organizations in offering superb classes in an ongoing program without a university connection (or obligation) or grants, distinguishing itself from both Osher Foundation programs and Road Scholars’ intermittent Denver events.

The Academy’s independence fosters flexibility and nimbleness in creating a curriculum constantly revised and custom-tailored to its participants’ ever-changing needs and interests. Issues-oriented classes, for example, typically tackle local ballot initiatives, the impact of the national economy on Colorado, and Denver-specific educational issues, unfettered by the concerns of an overarching institution or grant-funding requirements.


Instead, the Academy’s independence frees it to partner with organizations of every stripe—from small businesses to major cultural institutions and multiple universities. During the same term, for instance, the University of Colorado at Boulder will sponsor one of its regular Academy series on cutting-edge scientific research and the Denver Art Museum will host yet another of its “DAM Great Art” courses, featuring current and permanent exhibits. The University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music regularly offers free concerts to Academy members and their guests, as well as supplying course leaders for a rich array of music courses, such as the debut of an Academy music-composition course in 2012, which will be repeated in spring 2014 by popular demand.

One of the Academy’s biggest attractions is its affordable tuition, made possible in large part by an all-volunteer faculty. Volunteer course leaders combine a passion for their subjects with strong professional credentials and/or substantial independent research. Academy faculty in 2013 range from physicians and judges, to a retired brain surgeon, an astrophysicist, a legal expert on First Amendment issues, an independent scholar of comparative religions, a financial planner honored in 2010 as one of the top fifty women nationally in wealth management, and numerous professors and teachers of literature, history and an array of scientific disciplines.

Follow your lifelong passions, and discover brand-new ones at the Academy. “This could be page one of the best chapter in your life,” advises Academy board member Bil Buhler.

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