Back to School: Sept. 10 Health Insurance Commentary

The American Healthcare System:  the Present and the Future

Back to School Presentation and Registration Event

Thursday, September 10, 1- 3 p.m.

 Join us on Thursday, Sept. 10, as we hear from Bill Wright, Executive Medical Director and President of CPMG (Colorado Permanente Medical Group), who will provide a candid discussion of what some call “an ideal healthcare system,” vis-à-vis the Kaiser model and the Affordable Care Act. How does prevention and chronic care management fit into improved patient outcomes? Wright will give a balanced discussion and educate us on the different models of healthhealthcare and what the future may look like.

Dr. Bill Wright, Executive Medical Director and President has served in a variety of administrative positions during his 21 year career including physician-in-charge of the Kaiser Permanente Smoky Hill Medical Offices, regional department chief for Family Practice, chief of Primary Care Departments, associate medical director for Primary Care and Quality, associate medical director for Primary Care Operations and associate medical director for external relations.  Dr. Wright was CPMG’s associate medical director of market and networks charged with assessing and developing community network relationships with the medical group in partnership with Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado.

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Program takes place at 8081 E. Orchard Road, Greenwood Village – Auditorium, 2nd floor


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