Why has Patricia Cox’s Write to Save Your Life memoir-writing course filled virtually every time she has offered it over the last six years? She credits the course’s success not to her remarkable ability as a writing mentor but to “the rich stories my participants bring to the class.”

2-Cox-PatriciaIronically, Patricia notes, “the majority come as very reluctant writers.” By the end of the course, however, many participants are so eager to complete their memoirs and continue their fruitful interaction with their classmates that they form spin-off writers’ groups. Patricia has met for three years with one of these many “Academy graduate” groups. Occasionally she visits the other groups, as well.

Patricia honed her skills as a course leader through years as a teacher for Cherry Creek and the Denver Public Schools and as a published memoirist. Her first book, We Keep Our Potato Chips in the Refrigerator, focused on her late husband and their journey through Alzheimer’s. She went on to publish My’s Happy, recapturing her children’s, grandchildren’s and her own growing-up years. And we’re delighted to congratulate Patricia on the recent publication of her third memoir, I’m Sorry . . . What is the Question? –an entertaining and insightful reflection on events that shaped her life.

Patricia especially loves teaching Write to Save Your Life at the Academy, she says, because “people interested in the Academy are eager to continue learning and doing—and are just fun people to be with.”

We couldn’t agree more!