Short-Film Festival Tuesday, July 14

It’s almost show time at The Academy, and we hope you will join us for a fun, inspiring and interactive afternoon at the movies.

 Short-Film Festival + Vote, Tuesday, July 14, 1-3 p.m.

Brian Steward from the Colorado Film School will provide industry commentary and tips on movie critiquing.

$5 Admission
Cash or check made payable to the Academy Includes popcorn, candy and drinks
(and covers our viewing rights)


8081 E. Orchard Road, Auditorium – 2nd floor (park near Door 11 for quickest access)

 The following films will be screened:

Cindy’s New Boyfriend  – Action/comedy
24 minutes
An actor tries to scare off the new boyfriend of his buddy’s ex-girlfriend by reprising his role as a tough guy in a bad movie, but the new boyfriend turns out to be a real gangster who isn’t easily intimidated and kidnaps him instead.

Life Cycle Project – Documentary/sport
16 minutes
Awaiting the results to see if she has the deadly ovarian cancer gene, first-time filmmaker Debora De Napoli shares her personal journey as she starts the charity Life Cycle, an adventure that sends this cubicle dweller biking up (and falling down) nine harrowing summits in the stunning Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Ripple – Thriller
32 minutes
A dead-end life, a dead-end job and a dead body in the fridge. A destitute man finds purpose while attempting to cover up a deadly accident.

Notes On Ice – Documentary/nature
25 minutes
A beautiful documentary about the world’s only ice musical festival where all instruments are made from natural ice. Set in Norway.

Your friends are welcome. This is a great way to get a taste of The Academy’s Indie Film Inspiration class,
Tuesdays at 10 a.m. starting Sept. 22.

**  On-site registration will also be available at this event.  If you are having trouble printing or completing your form, come on down, and we will be happy to assist you.

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