They Plan Vacations Around Academy Classes

2-Linda-Jack-KeenanThough they’re both still working, Academy members Jack and Linda Keenan plan their vacations around Academy classes rather than their work schedules. In the past four years, Jack has missed class only once, for a business trip—and then Linda taped the class for him.

When the Keenans returned to Denver after a 20-year absence, they were delighted to discover “fascinating people our age at the
Academy, with the same passion for learning that we have,” Linda says, “now that we have the time to pursue our educational interests.”

Jim Kneser’s economics course was the first class both Jack and Linda took. Impressed by Jim’s expertise and depth, they followed him to his Mahler course–a special treat for Linda, a professionally trained violinist who played with the Dallas Symphony. They are now sharing the many Mahler CDs they bought for class, with their grandchildren.

“Jim is so exceptional,” Jack says, “that we thought there was bound to be a drop-off” when they decided to explore courses led by other instructors. But, Linda notes, their doubts vanished when they discovered the “quality of all the Academy’s courses and leaders.”

This past spring Jack took four courses, and Linda, three. Jack had high praise for all and especially for Lew House and his course, The Big Bang: Stars, Galaxies and Dark Stuff. “It’s inspiring, one of my best intellectual experiences. Lew has a world-class academic background and makes very difficult subject matter understandable for a non-scientist. His handouts are a road map for further study.”

Jack and Linda were equally enthusiastic about Lorraine Sherry’s course, The Garden as Art, which they took together. Though the class focused on European landscape architecture, Lorraine was “marvelous in advising us on plants” for their own garden, Linda recalls. “We love the amazing access to instructors outside the classroom.”

“The Academy has enriched our lives enormously,” Jack concluded. Linda added, “Kudos to the Knesers for their commitment to learning—and to our learning!”