Dr. Lorraine Sherry

Lorraine Sherry is a long-term member of the Rocky Mountain Map Society (www.RMmaps.org), a 501C3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the study and appreciation of maps and items of cartographic interest.   She currently serves as Secretary/Webmaster and Director of the Society.   Our members share a common interest in collecting antiquarian maps, learning about the history of discoveries, and understanding how the invention of maps has shaped our culture, politics, and destiny throughout the ages.  All of the speakers in this 5-week lecture/presentation course are members of the Rocky Mountain Map Society.  Lorraine became interested in antique maps when she received a 1665 Nicolas Sanson map of southern Lithuania and Belarus as a birthday present 15 ago.   Lorraine’s personal map collection focuses on Russia and Eastern Europe, with a concentration on Lithuania and the Baltic States in the 16th-19th centuries

Lorraine Sherry