All course materials, recommended/required readings and handouts will be posted here as they become available.  Please check back if you don’t see anything listed for your class.  We will post as we receive from course leaders.


Tuesday classes

Hamilton: The Man & the Musical – S. Blake-Smith

          Hamilton – Farmer Refuted Jack Keenan

          Bialystok and Bloom – Slides

          Hamilton-Wk 2 Literature + Music – Sally

          Combined Cabinet Battles for posting

          Strategic Allies and Yorktown

          Hamilton Music Lecture – Sally

          Hamilton’s Challenges slides

          April 3 slides Jim Kneser

          Jack Election of 1800

          Hamilton Books + Videos 

 Watercolor Studio Day – S. Rouse

Suggested Watercolor Class Materials List

Bridge-Play, Play, Play  –    Advanced Beg & Int – S. Kneser

          All handouts will be emailed to participants who are subscribed and  enrolled.

An Alternative View: Steady State Economics – A. Tsoucatos

Perils of PERA – J. Kneser

          Week One Setting the Stage Handouts

          Week Two National Plans Handouts

          Week Three Slides 

          Slides for April 10

          CBO on Public Pension Plan Reporting

          Novy-marx and Rauh on Public Pension Plans

          the Economist on Discount Rates

          What’s happening in Vegas. . .

          Social Security in America

          Dutch Pension Plan

          Rocky Mountain News on PERA policies and management

          Denver Post on PERA benefit creep and expenses

          Bennet and the DPS PCOP’s #1

          Bennet and the DPS PCOP’s #2

          Private Equity and PERA DBJ

          Harvard Pension Management

          Readings on Unintended Consequences suggested by Brad Hughes

          The PERA debate explained

           REMI Partners PERA Full Study 2.28.18

Readers Theatre – K. Meyer

          Readers Theatre Syllabus

Bridge-Even More Play, Play, Play – S. Kneser

          Handouts are emailed to participants

Exploring the Power of Human-Animal Relationships – P. Tedeschi Phd /DU

          Exploring the Power of Human – Syllabus

          Exploring the Power of Human-Animal – Class 1

          Lindsey’s Beloved Lucy Good as Gold at Olympics

          The Power of Pets

Write to Save Your Life – P. Cox

          All handouts will be distributed in class

History of the Fifties: David Halberstam – G. Henderson

Halberstam’s book, The Fifties, is not required but would enhance the class experience.

          History of the Fifties – Overview and Syllabus

Masters of Short Stories Part 2 – P. Wasserstein

          Short Stories 2018 Syllabus

          Short Stories Reading List          

Required reading: Lorrie Moore, Heidi Pitlor, Eds. 100 Years of The Best American Short Stories. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015.


Wednesday classes

Let’s Live Life Healthier – P. Krogh Phd / Kaiser

          Lets Live Life Healthier Schedule

          Tsai — Weight Management in your Medicare Years

Writing Your Life Stories – K. Boyer

          All handouts will be distributed in class

What is Fundamentalism Anyway? – W. Meyer

          What is Fundamentalism Anyway – Syllabus

Contemporary Phemale Philosophers – R. Brown


          Nussbaum New Yorker

Russia & Europe: Interwar & Cold War Relations: 1917-1991 – M. Conroy

A list of suggested readings will be provided on the first day of class


          Disarmament and Clandestine Rearmament Under the Weimar Republic by E.J. Gumbel

          Soviet-German Tank Academy, Kama, Ian Johnson

The Search for Alien Earths – A. Holland

Sidney Lumet Films – D. Baer

Global Romp thru 16th, 17th Century History – S. Hochstadt

          All handouts will be emailed to participants who are enrolled and subscribed

Making Photo Books – G. Ho, S. Ronayne

Jazz of the 50s-Part 2 – L. Rychner

Arts in the Afternoon at Lone Tree Arts Center – L. Chandler

DAM Great Art-Degas & Dance – J. Mendes

Evolution of God – R. Stern

          Evolution of God – Class 1

          Evolution of God – Class 2

          Evolution of God – Class 2A

          Evolution of God – Class 2-3

          Evolution of God – Class 3

          Evolution of God – Class 4

          Evolution of God – Class 5

          Evolution of God – Class 6 & 7

          Evolution of God – Class 8

Financial Literacy for the 21st century – E. Sharkey

Chatting en Español: More Than Beginner – L. Gordon

Required reading: Dorothy Richmond, Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Verb Tenses. McGraw-Hill, 2010. It’s $15.

Chatting en Español: Intermediate – S. Stolar

Participants can use any Spanish grammar workbook but it is not required.

Immigration Issues in the Trump Era – H. Meyer

           Immigration Slides 2-18-2018

           Immigration Law Course Description

           Immigration Article – David Brooks – Herald Tribune

           Early Immigrants Weren’t Morally Superior. We Just Had Different Laws

           Immigrants Anxiously Await Citizenship As Processing Times Nearly Double

          A Piece Of Paper Is Controlling My Students’ Lives

          Melania Trump Got A Green Card For Immigrants With ‘Extraordinary Abilities’

          Hans Meyer article and bio from Westword

          Citizenship Workshop Volunteers

          For a biography of Hans Meyer, click on his name below:

Hans Meyer, Esq.



Thursday classes

Sports in Society: Money, Sex & Drugs – B. Contiguglia

Anatomy of Murder Trial – D. Wanebo          

Music of the Medieval Mass – R. McNeil

Great Decisions 2018 – S. Marsden

Required Reading: 2018 Great Decisions Briefing Book – (included in the cost of the class) – available for pickup at all onsite registration dates listed on the website or at the registration desk any time classes are in session

          Great Decisions – Course Description

          Trump and Wilsons Ghost: The fourteen points turn 100 years

          Conference on World Affairs

          SA Reconciliation Barometer 2017

          Some Things Are True Even If Trump Believes Them

American Religion: Civil War-Present – T. Stainman

Breaking the Communications Barrier – A. Wagner

          Breaking Communication Barriers-Course objectives

          Breaking Communication Barriers – Handout

Journalism Ethics: Time of Trump & Tumult – B. Steele

          Journalism Ethics Week 1 Welcome

          Journalism Ethics followup week 1

          Journalism Ethics Week 2 prep

          Journalism Ethics April 12 prep

          Ethics-Principles HANDOUT

          Ethics-10 Questions HANDOUT

          Sources guidelines

          Ethics Cases ALL April 2018

          Joan Barrett bio

          Sinclair Broadcasting articles

From Blue(s) to Gold – P. Turelli

          From BLUE to GOLD – Mini Lesson

Tech Tips -S. Henke

Macbeth – P. Turelli

Mythology & Culture: Joseph Campbell – B. Chico

          The course leader will supply all hand-outs in class

International Criminal Courts – S. Bernard / S. Porter

          International Criminal Justice Class Schedule

          International Criminal Courts – Part 2

          International Criminal Courts – Part 3

 Nuremberg ICJ Timeline

          International Criminal Justice – Rwanda


Special Presentations

Strokes- Risks.Research.Aftershocks slides