Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Q: How can I contact the Academy?
A: Email or call 303-770-0786.  Click on Contact Us if you would like to be added to our mailing list and receive information about the next semester’s classes.

Q: Who takes classes with the Academy?
A: Active, intellectually curious adults with flexible hours take Academy classes. Courses and activities are designed for people who seek academic challenges, networking opportunities, and social events. You must be a member to sign up for a class.

Q: When do classes meet?
A: The Academy has two terms beginning mid-September and mid-February. The 90 minute classes meet once a week and typically run for three to ten weeks, depending on the course. They meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m.-1:00 pm and 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Summer events are held on a periodic basis.

Q: Where do classes meet?
A: Classes meet at Calvary Baptist Church, 6500 E. Girard Ave., Denver, CO 80224  Click here for Google Maps. There are no Academy offices at this location. You can send mail to PO Box 3893, Greenwood Village, CO 80155

Financial Information

Q: What is the membership fee? And tuition?
A: The membership fee for each term is $25. Tuition fees range from $40 to $110.  Membership is required for each term when courses are taken.  If you are not taking classes it is not necessary to be a member as you will remain on the mailing list.

Q: Why are courses priced differently?
A: Rather than charge a standard fee for every course, we think it’s fairer to charge the direct costs of each course to the participants in that course. Some classes are longer than others, some have guest speaker fees, some require outside books and reading materials and some course leaders enhance their classes with handouts, DVD’s, speakers, etc.

Q: Is there a discount if my spouse and I both take classes?
A: We treat every member as an individual, which means no discounts.

Q: Must I pay with a check?
A: Not anymore. Now you can register and purchase classes online. You’ll receive a confirmation of registration if you register online. You may also still pay with a check.  Your check is your receipt in the event of any confusion.

Q: May I pay later?
A: You may, but we will register you later. Your place in the course will not be held until your check (mail)/credit card (online registration)  is received.

Q: Can I get a refund? What if I get sick and cannot continue in my class?
A: In some cases we can send refunds, however there is always a $10 processing fee for dropping or changing a course after it has started.  Please leave a message at 303-770-0786.

Courses & Registration Process

Q: What happens if the course I want is closed?
A: If the course you want is closed, you will receive a phone call in order to discuss your options; being put on a waiting list, enrolling in a different course, ripping up your check or sending a refund.

Q: There are courses I’d like to take but they’re not being offered. What can I do about this?
A: Woody Emlen and Sheila Porter, the current Curriculum Chairs, are always looking for tips on new courses and assistance in offering them. Please send an email that will be forwarded to them.