Your Spring 2018 Membership will automatically be added to the shopping cart.

1. Go to “Course Overview”

2. Sort by Title, Day or Time. (Look for the little triangles to click on to sort.)

3. If you want to take that class, add it to your shopping cart. You may also click on the class to see a more detailed description of it, and then add it to your cart.

4. When you’re done adding courses to the cart, view your cart (click on the shopping cart icon).

5. Review your order, (you can add a donation at this time) and then “Proceed to Checkout”

6. If this is the second time THIS SEMESTER that you are registering and have already paid your $25 membership fee, you may use the coupon code that appears to remove that fee. Remember, please pay $25 EACH semester to cover special events, guest events, a free Tech Tips class and a cup of coffee.

7. Fill out your billing information and “Proceed to PayPal” to make your payment.

8. Pay either with your credit card or your own PayPal account that you’ve already established. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to pay.

9. After you’ve paid, an email will go directly to your inbox with your receipt including the name of the class you registered for. You might like to save this confirmation email.

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Online registration FAQ’s for the Academy online registrant

Waitlists: If a class is full and you want to get on a waitlist, click the button to fill out your name and email to get on the waitlist. This means we’ll email or call you and invoice you for payment. Please know your spot is not guaranteed until we receive your payment.

Online cart preset timeouts: When you add a class to the cart, your computer puts a hold on that item for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, your order will disappear and the spot will be available again to anyone.

‘Holding’ items in the cart: There is a caveat to the above statement. Say you accidentally close the browser window you are trying to use to register and think, “Gasp! Now I have to do it all over AGAIN!” Fear not, because the class will still be in your cart. Now, don’t treat this as a way to hold your spot, because our computer is still adding up all of the other members taking the class. The cart still shows the product, but the hold is no longer in place. This means you might not have a spot in the class. Don’t worry yet, just complete your registration as soon as possible. If you have problems, contact or 303-770-0786.

I’d like to register two people on my account. Not allowed, sorry. Can you imagine what would happen if any of you rigged the system and registered 15 people in a class with a maximum of 15? Chaos. Mutiny. We shudder to think.The way to do this is to use a different email address and register up again using that email address.

Using gift certificates and credits: Please contact or 303-770-0786 to use your credits or gift certificates. This can also be noted on a registration form (that can be printed from home) and sent via USPS, PO Box 3893, Greenwood Village, CO 80155.

You do not need a Paypal account to register online.

Confirmation email: Everyone who signs up via online registration will get a confirmation email from Paypal showing that they paid, the name of the class purchased and when it begins. You’ll get it the same day. If you didn’t get one, please check your Spam or junk folders for a message from Paypal. And then get out of there.

How do I cancel a class? Please contact or 303-770-0786 and we will issue the refund, which could be processed as quickly as the next business day or as late as 14 business days. The dollar amount would get charged back to your credit card, with an email confirmation from Paypal that this has been done. If you cancel after a class starts, your refund will be $10 less than what you paid.

No phoned-in credit card numbers. We just can’t. We’d have to write it down and it could get lost, or get entered incorrectly. This could be bad for your private info. No thanks.

It’s just not working for you. It’s okay. Just go to, download a PDF of the registration form, print it and mail it in by USPS to Academy, PO Box 3893, Greenwood Village, CO 80155.


To register for courses:

1. Print and complete the Registration form.
2. Write a check for the total amount due.
 Mail the Registration Form and check to the address shown on the form: PO Box 3893, Greenwood Village, CO 80155. The Academy does not have an office at Calvary Baptist Church.

Payment types: Checks only, please. We cannot take one payment from more than one person. If you are a couple or good friends, this means you can include two forms and two checks in one envelope.

Waitlists: Waitlisters will be notified via email or by phone


Assistance with registration or any other issues is available at the upcoming onsite registrations.  Click here for upcoming dates and locations

How do I cancel a class? Please contact or 303-770-0786 and we will issue a refund. Refunds will be mailed by check in 14-21 days. Please note that there is a $10 processing fee for dropping or changing courses after they have started.

Using gift certificates and credits: Please contact or 303-770-0786 to use your credits or gift certificates. This can also be noted on a registration form (that can be printed from home) and sent via USPS, PO Box 3893, Greenwood Village, CO 80155.

Do I get a confirmation?: Some course leaders send a welcome email a week or so before your course begins. Otherwise, please add the title and start date of your course in your calendar. You can consider your cashed check or your credit card statement a confirmation that you are in the classes you registered for. Credit card charges show as  If there is a problem, we will call or email you.


The Academy welcomes you to use your credits from last year’s classes for this term. For example, If you received a credit in Fall 2017, you may use it for Spring 2018 courses. Credits can be used for the next term only. If you have extenuating circumstances that will make this difficult, please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you.


If you want to take our courses but aren’t sure they fit into your budget, we encourage you to request a scholarship.
It’s a simple and quick process. We generally ask you to pay the $25 membership fee and will comp your tuition for ONE class.
To request a scholarship:

1. Print and complete the Academy Scholarship Questionnaire.
2. Mail the Scholarship Form to the address shown on the form or email the same information to

Questions? Leave a message at 303-770-0786