Susan Blake-Smith

Susan Blake-Smith is an early member of The Academy who spent 25 years living in Mexico City, making her uniquely qualified to teach conversational Spanish.  Susan has a BFA in journalism from SMU and enjoyed a successful career in marketing and sales in the travel industry. She remembers scrambling up the Pyramid of the Sun on grade-school field trips and looks forward to sharing her love of Mexico and its beautiful language.

Susan’s alter-ego is a history buff who has facilitated three discussion classes using counterfactual essays by renowned historians to reimagine history’s critical turning points.   She will bring this enthusiasm and curiosity to the subject of Alexander Hamilton with the help of Jack Keenan, chair of the history department at The Academy; Jim Kneser, economics and music aficionado; Paulette Wasserstein, literature rock star; and Mitch Samu, music director, musical theater expert and pianist extraordinaire.